Frequently Asked Questions

About us


We are a surf school for women, girls and their kids only.

Experience has shown that women and girls are able to pick up surfing more quickly and more easily in homogeneous groups – meaning, in a group consisting of females only – than in a mixed group, in which, due to physical strength, the boys are riding their first waves sooner. The course participants’ physical and mental conditions are more alike and it is easier to empower each other. The self-imposed pressure to perform is considerably less, which increases the learning success and consequently, surfing becomes more fun.


Children can participate in the surf classes from age 6, or, if they are younger (starting roughly around the age of 2) we provide child care.

Traveling with men

If you travel as a family and a man is with you, unfortunately you can’t stay in the surf camp, but you can take part in our surf class as „day students”. We are cooperating with other surf schools that will gladly take the man under their wing.


Arrival is up to you. In France and Portugal, we can pick you up from the bus stop, if necessary. In Lanzarote, we organize your trip from the airport to our camp. Please feel free to inquire about further information and suggestions, some of which you will also get with your booking confirmation.



Arrival Days

WaveSisters arrival days are Saturday and Sunday, in France only Saturday. All other days require special arrangement and aren’t always possible. However, time of arrival or departure don’t matter with us.

Rental Car

Generally, you don’t need to rent a car when staying with us. However, if you’d like to see more of the surrounding area, you should rent one. Ask us. We’re happy to provide tips.




We have apartments, chalets or houses in all destinations, offering you a lot more comfort than a camp ground. All accommodation is equipped with 2-3 bed rooms; a common living area; a fully equipped kitchen; garden, balcony or terrace; and close distance to the beach.

Number of participants

The number of participants for each camp is limited to a maximum of 15 people to ensure an optimal learning experience. Each surf instructor is in charge of no more than 8 students at a time.

Single rooms

Our accommodations are each equipped with bedrooms with two or three beds. That’s why you can only book a single room, if we have a place to spare and we can only grant it rather spontaneously. You will then have to cover an additional fee of 100€.


In our surf camps you cater for yourselves. Usually, the WaveSisters buy groceries, cook and sometimes go out to eat together, making for quite a few social hours.


We have an Internet connection in our camp or around the corner in town. Staying in touch with the rest of the world won’t be an issue.

Tourist destination

All destinations are tourist friendly and easy to access, with a good infrastructure, however, there is no mass tourism, as all are embedded in nature.

Supermarket, ATM

There are several shops and supermarkets in town. An ATM isn’t too far away. Except for Lanzarote, where you need to drive for ten minutes to get to the nearest ATM.

Average Age

The average age (kids excluded) is around 30 years.




Depending on participants and the team’s nationality, lessons will be taught in English or German.

Surf and Yoga Classes

We are offering weekly courses with 20 hours of theory and practice, including video correction. Surf material is always included and available for you to use outside of course hours as well.

The course hours depend on conditions, tides and weather. We also drive to other beaches, if needed, making sure that you are always in the best place at the best time. This makes us unique in this service it also increases learning conditions considerably! This is only possible thanks to our small group size. Yoga classes of 1,5 hours each take place three times a week

The Difference between Surfari and Surf Course

A surfari is designed for all advanced surfers, who prefer surfing by themselves instead of in a class, but still want to be in the company of other like-minded surfers. Of course, you can also keep the class company on the beach without taking part in the classes.

Surf Classes for Day Students

Of course, we also welcome students that don’t live in the surf camp to our surf and yoga classes. One week costs 250€.

Accommodation without Classes, Material

In Lanzarote, we also offer the option of accommodation and transfers only. Yoga or surfing equipment is not included.

Using the Surfing Material

The surfing material is available outside of course hours for you to use. We have soft boards and hard boards for all levels and women - wetsuits in all sizes and required thickness.

One or two Weeks of Course/Holidays

If you have the opportunity to stay for two weeks, we’d highly recommend that you do, as it makes a big difference in getting into the surfing and making progress. On top of that, longer holidays are way more relaxing. However, don’t sweat it, if you can’t. Better one week - than none.

Level of surfing

We instruct all levels.

Absolute beginners start at „zero“, and we will build up the surfing skills slowly and continuously from there.

For all others, we assess your skills at the beginning of the week, checking where you are at, continuing individually from there, in regards to what you want to achieve and what’s up next.

Course Structure

The course hours always depend on the conditions, tides and the weather. If needed, we will also drive to other beaches, making sure that you are in the best spot at the best time. This is unique in this field and increases the learning conditions tremendously! This is only possible due to our small group size. That’s why we don’t have a fixed time schedule. We come up with a rough timeline in the beginning of the week, which may change.

Yoga Classes

Yoga classes take place three times a week for 1,5 hours with the schedule depending on the time of the surf course. We prefer doing Yoga outside. The type of Yoga that we offer is designed for surfers making it a perfect balancing activity. It doesn’t matter if you have never done Yoga before or if you practice regularly.

Child care

During surf classes, we’ll enjoy watching over your little trouble makers. Depending on your destination, the weather, and what they are up for, we have different ideas on how to keep your kids occupied and we’d be happy to keep them safe and entertained during your surfing hours.

How to Prepare

Everything that gets you moving, that you enjoy, contributes to your surfing fitness! If you feel like it, go swimming. Or work out your triceps, shoulders and your upper body strength in general.

But if you don’t enjoy it and you might give it up straight away, you’re better off playing sports that you enjoy and keep doing, even if it doesn’t fit surfing ideally.

What to Bring

Sun crème with a high sun protection factor, a hat or something to cover your head with, at least two bikinis or swim suits (so one is dry), a backpack for the beach – beach bag is not recommended - some long, warm clothes (you never know). Bed sheets and a bath towel will be provided. Please bring beach towels. In France the bed sheets/ towel cost 10€ or you bring everything yourself. If you need Internet, it’s best to bring a device that is compatible for Internet use. If you want to exchange films or photos you should bring a data storage device.


Booking and Paperwork

Accounting process

Booking is made by means of the registration sheet on the website. This counts as a definite booking! If you have requests, but you don’t intend to book yet, please send them by means of the contact sheet!!

After you register, you will see a display on the screen, indicating that your registration was successful. A little later, we will send you a confirmation of your course registration via email. You will also receive the invoice via email and you may then either pay the deposit (200€ per person) or transfer the entire course fee. We do not accept credit cards.

With your invoice you will receive further information concerning your arrival as well as a heads up on what to bring.

Travel Health Insurance and Travel Cancelation Insurance

We recommend buying travel health insurance and travel cancelation insurance.

Minimum age

From age 16 you can come and stay with us without a parent or legal guardian, but you’ll need their signed consent form. If you are less than 16 years old, you should travel with a parent or legal guardian.

Booking additional nights

Depending on destination and availability, you can book additional nights then and there, which will be charged as surfari-days.

Booking additional surf classes

Depending on availability, you can book additional surf courses on the spot. If you have already booked the surfari, you will only have to cover the difference in fee.

Yoga Booking Additional Yoga Sessions

You can book additional Yoga sessions at 10€ each then and there.