Welcome to WaveSisters, where Girls+Women learn how to surf!

Willkommen bei den Wavesisters! Wo mädels surfen lernen.

You want to learn how to surf and getting a part of a community of amazing women? Come to WaveSisters and feel how surfing and yoga can change your body, mind and soul. Spend a week at the ocean and disvocer how a community of women and sport support you.
We, the WaveSisters, know the vibe that can arise when you are in the water with women and learn this demanding and fascinating sport together. And that's what we want to pass on and share to everyone who wants to learn to surf - no matter how old or young and what level of skill.

1 Woche bei den WaveSisters

  • accommodation nach deiner Wahl (Einzel-, Doppel-, 3/4er Zimmer, Dorm)
  • 6 x 1,5 h surf course (incl. surfboard & wetsuit) for each surf level
  • video analysis
  • 1x surf theory theory & introduction
  • Individual support by your surf coaches
  • Outside the course hours you canrent surfboards at any time (included in the price)
  • 3 x yoga in wundervoller Umgebung + meditation + qi gong
  • Gesundes, lokales Food (optional)


When surfing, you experience pure joy.It is a demanding sport, but combined with a relaxed lifestyle.Once it grabs you, it doesn't let go so quickly anymore.

In addition to a good technique for paddeling and the standing up movement, you need a good knowledg of the sea and the waves. Last but not least, the mental part plays a major role. But don't worry, you'll learn all this with us. Not only in surfing lessons but also in yoga...

what we offer:

  • surfclasses for all levels
  • surf-guiding
  • video analysis
  • theory
  • Surfequipment


As a balance and support, yoga is the perfect counterpart to surfing: Inner peace, stretching and strengthening.

When surfing, we strain certain muscle groups and can loosen and relax them again with yoga. In addition, yoga not only helps to be fit, but also to focus the mind. Fears will be overcome more easily and you will face them with calmnes and strength. Yoga combines strength, body tension, mobility, flexibility, balance, stillness, peace and a strong mind.
Components that we need when surfing.

pro surfer Rochelle Ballard:

“In general, I think the combination of strength, flexibility and also the effect on the mind is great”


what we offer:

  • Yoga für Anfänger + Fortgeschrittene
  • private Yoga-Sessions
  • meditation
  • qi gong


Through our many trips we have the best surf spots picked out for WaveSisters. Accommodation, personally selected by us for you to feel good. Always right next to the beachso you can go surfing on your own as well. 


The surf hotspot south of Lisbon. This is where modernity meets tradition.


World-famous waves on the French Atlantic coast and a French attitude to life!

Costa Rica

Tropical temperatures and perfect waves in front of the door. From winter 2022/23!


Anything planned for next winter? Open again for you from winter 2022/23!



With us you have the choice: You can book with breakfast and dinner or without food at all.

We either cook delicious multi-course menus for you or provide a buffet. .

You are also welcome to take care of yourself and you can cook in the well-equipped kitchen or in your own bungalow kitchen. Nearby you will find shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. Local markets are great for buying fresh local products.


Do you need help?

Problems with the booking or something still unclear? Have a look at the FAQs or feel free to contact uswithout obligation. Of course we are available for questions and problems.

We look forward to hear from you!

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