Hello surfer girls!

-WaveSisters searches for next summer season 2017 a female surf instructor, english speaking
-We also need a yoga instructor who is also happy to work as a generell helper. German speaking would be preferred. Minimum age is 23, with driver license.

-For our season 20017 we search for yoga instructors/helper for a period of 6 weeks to 3 month. Minimum age is 23, with driver license.

-From mid of December 2016 to mid of January 2017 and from July 2017 onwards we search for surfer girls who a keen to help our team on Lanzarote. German spoken would be preferred.

Only for german spoken:
-Wavesisters bietet ein Praktikum in Bereich Marketing, Social Media, PR mit Option auf langfristige Zusammenarbeit als geringfügig Beschäftigte. Gut geeignet für Studentinnen. Am besten surfbegeisterte Mädels!!

Please contact us with the contact form! Hope to hear from you soon! contact