Surfing has changed our lives, for the better. This unique sport is more than just sport: dealing with nature, travelling, meeting many different people and cultures, a simple lifestyle - sometimes away from normal society - that reaches its own limits, friendships, belonging and much more. Many align their whole lives with it: Where are the best waves, when is the best tide, how do I get back to the sea, how do I best prepare for it? We love this lifestyle!

And we want to pass that on. Open your eyes a little for a different view of yourself and life. Give the opportunity to escape from everyday life. Communicate surfing as a sport and lifestyle.

Why only women? Because we can give each other so much and we have experienced that in a homogenous group you can achieve success more quickly. And with a lot of fun. We also want to expand the community of surfing women, share our knowledge and offer a platform for all surfers. And of course surfing together!

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surf course

With us you really learn how to surf. We don't just want to sell you a week of fun, we want you to go out with us as a surfer after this week. With developed skills.
Surfing is a sport with many facets and we will convey that to you this week. We break down complex motion sequences into simple steps. Plenty of practice timein the water will make you progress quickly and give you confidence.Not only practical units but also theory is very important to us. To help you to understand the ocean and the waves better. So you can independently implement everything you have learned and improve yourself.
In addition to different teaching methods you will also receive a video analysis. In this way, each and every one of you can be addressed in a targeted manner.

All age groups , beginner as well as advanced Surfers are welcome with us. Learning to surf is an ongoing process. It doesn't matter whether you are taking your first steps in the water or want to learn how to catch more waves, read waves, overcome fear or learn to surf your first maneuvers.

And most importantly? Have fun surfing!

Das bekommst du in einer Woche bei uns

  • 6 Wassereinheiten
  • 2 Theorie-Einheiten
  • Surf Einführung
  • video analysis
  • trained teachers
  • surfing material at your disposal
  • Meditation + Qi Gong zur mentalen Vorbereitung


  • surf-guiding
  • Einzelstunden
  • Extra Surfstunden

yoga classes

Yoga offers you the opportunity to achieve health, well-being and inner peace. Our yoga is based on the classic yoga tradition: combining movement of body and breath with mindfulness. Our three goals: activation, regeneration and switching off to find focus, deceleration and tension.

Yoga and surfing is the perfect combination: Stressed muscle groups get relaxed, exercises for coordination and balance are also carried over to your surfing. You will enjoy a holistic experience on a physical and mental level.

We go into your skill level and your daily form, so everyone can take something individually with them from the yoga classes. We also adapt the yoga to the time of day: activating in the morning and regenerative in the evening.

In addition to yoga, we offer meditation and qi gong .

Das bekommst du in einer Woche bei uns

  • 3 x Yoga á 60 min.
  • ausgebuldete Lehrerinnen
  • Wundervolle Locations
  • 2 Morning Routine Einheiten mit Meditation + Qi Gong


  • Reiki
  • Massage
  • Einzelstunden
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Our accommodations for you have been selected with great care and we value your well-being! All very individually furnished with that certain extra. There are also outdoor options and spacious common rooms.Simply a must!
We want to give you the opportunity to go surfing independently outside of the course times. Thus, all accommodations are close to the beach and the surf spots are within walking distance.

You can usually choose between double, shared and dorm rooms.The occupancy as a single room is of course also possible (for a surcharge).


In unseren Paketen ist quasi Halbpension inklusive. Mehr zu den Paketen here..

We value healthy, fresh, nutritious food. You use a lot of energy when surfing and we want to support that in the best possible way! We rely on locally produced, wholesome food, . Prepared in a variety of ways and coordinated with each other. This way you get back all the nutrients you use up during the day.
We have something different every day: there are new add-ons to the classic breakfast buffet every day, such as bowls, pancakes, smoothies, etc. In the evenings, we cook freshly with several courses.Since we attach great importance to ecology and environmental awareness, our dishes are mostly vegetarian to vegan. If you don't want to go without animal protein, we always offer a vegetarian option or fish/meat in small quantities, fairly and organically produced.
That you can also experience the local food culture, there are 3 evenings reserved to go out for dinner..

  • 4x dinner + 7x breakfast included
  • snacks
  • non-alcohol. drinks with meals

(All-In package)


Out of our own conviction and due to the possibility of passing things on, we see it as a matter of course to keep our ecological footprint and yours as small as possible. That is why we are always looking to live sustainability. Here are some examples:



We try to support local markets as best we can. And we serve only organic food.



Cleaning agents, soaps, etc. are all biodegradable and, if possible, of natural origin.



We support different projects that we know personally and know exactly where the money ends up.


Our team is made up of a community of women all united by a love for surfing and the ocean. The variabilities, years of experience in their own areas makes exactly the mix, WaveSisters has to offer. We're looking forward to get to know you!