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Surfing at the women and girls surf camp

Experience pure joy while surfing with us - the connection between wave and surfer is unique and breathtaking! Give it a go - you will love it! Surfing is an ambitious sport but is connected to a chilled-out lifestyle. It is all about having fun.

Surf course

The surf instructors are educated in both surf practice as well as theory and are trained in first aid and water rescue. They offer you their knowledge and help you with tips and tricks on land and in the water.

Surfing comes first! Everyday we drive to the beach with the best wave conditions according to your level of surfing. All other activities like yoga will be organized around the surf schedule. It depends on the tides, the wind and the waves when we start off and where we find the best waves to ensure that you improve you surfing. We are able to give you a personal attendance on the beach and in the water, because we have small groups of 8 girls max per surf instructor. We recommend for you to join us for at least two weeks to learn how to surf and to really take in the experience.


The Surfari is the perfect option for girls and women who already have some experience in the water and who would like to spend their holiday with like-minded people. We will give you an introduction to the surf spots and you stay with the other WaveSisters girls in our surf house. You are also welcome to use the boards and wetsuits WaveSisters provides and  join our Yoga classes.

We are happy to welcome you!

Get more info about dates and prices for the WaveSisters surfcamp LanzaroteWaveSisters surfcamp France or WaveSisters surfcamp Portugal!

Terms of participation Surf Course/Surfari

  • Being up for the ocean and the waves
  • Good swimming abilities
  • If you are  underage we will need a written permission from your parents
  • If you are under 16 years please let an adult accompany you
  • self-dependent surfing with our surfari

Offer Surf Course

  • 20 hours of surfing lessons, women only, theory and practice in English
  • Max. 8 people per course
  • Qualified and competent mentoring from licensed surf teachers
  • Video analysis
  • Surf material during your stay
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WaveSisters Surf Camp and Yoga-Retreat

Three times a week we offer you for your surf camp or surfari stay one and a half hour of yoga.  The lessons will give you an introduction to yoga and are especially targeted at surfers.

Many pro-surfers and more and more soul surfers realize that yoga and surfing are the perfect team. Pro-surfer Rochelle Ballard said: "I think that the combination of power and flexibility is briliant as well as the effect it has on your mind". When we are surfing we use certain muscle groups which we can relax again after surfing during the yoga sessions. Yoga also helps to focus your mind. You will master your fears because you can face them with ease and energy.

Yoga combines strength, muscle tension, mobility, flexibility, balance, calmness, peace and a strong mind. Components which we need in the line-up while catching waves.

Yoga is included in the WaveSisters prices. For other interested girls, we will charge 10€ per session.

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You want to learn how to surf but don't know what to do with your kids? - No problem! Just bring them along. We are happy to meet your younger and older kids. Women have children, so we're prepared for them.


WaveSisters offers the possibility to look after kids aged 3 years and older during  surf course times. For around four hours a day we play and splash around with the kids. Depending on the weather we go outside or stay inside. The childcare can also be used by mothers who have booked the Surfari.

Surf course for kids

For kids from 6 years onwards and for good swimmers only. In the surf course we introduce the kids to the ocean with its waves and teach them to surf or bodyboard. No pressure and no expectations - the most important thing is to let them have fun in the water. We will stay in shallow water, so that the kids will be able to stand at all times during the course.

We offer a special price for kids/teens (3 - 15 years), please check it out here: prices Lanzaroteprices France or prices Portugal

Safety and regulations for kids + teens

  • Instructions by the surf teachers have to be followed at all times. (Non-compliance can lead to exclusion from the course)
  • We take responsibility for learning the sport not for practising the sport. (The responsibility always lies with the legal guardian)
  • Written and signed declaration of agreement
  • The legal guardian has the obligation of supervision during the surf course
  • Good swimming abilities


International health insurance

We recommend to take out a travel health insurance and an accident insurance for travelling.