Who we are


WaveSisters Team


Birgit - Founder of Wavesisters, surf and yoga instructor

I had the idea to learn how to surf when I was about 16 years old. I had seen the surfers in the "Eisbach" in Munich, my home town. But I didn't know any surfers, didn't know where to turn to in order to learn it and was too shy to ask anybody. Therefore I first started climbing.

It took 10 years before I drove to the French Atlantic coast and tried to teach myself how to surf - without much success. Anyway, I tried it again and again because for me the ocean and waves meant fun. But only a surf course another three years later brought progress and my first real surf success.

Therefore I know: Every beginning is difficult but it could have been made easier. I have been surfing and doing yoga since 97' and have travelled and surfed across Europe as well as on the American continent and Asia. Since 2003, I've lived in Lanzarote spending a lot of summer time in France. Since 2005 I've been working as a surf instructor. I founded WaveSisters in the autumn of 2007.

Jule - Surf instructor Portugal

My enthusiasm for surfing started by accident. A friend of mine asked me if I want to join her in an surf camp holiday in France. I did windsurfing at this time, so i was hooked of the idea! When we arrived there, I was quite disappointed: no wind but super big waves, no sails but paddling!!

But already on the first day, surfing, waves and the ocean got me! From that point on, I spend all of my holidays next to surfing. Through surfing, I started to travel, which is another passion that goes often along with surfing and I met incredible people all over the world. With all that traveling, experiencing other cultures and dealing with nature I can say that it kind of changed me, my mind, my spirit, my connection to nature and myself.

In summer 2015 I finally moved to the ocean: Lisbon, where I started my Masters in Architecture. But during the season I’m your surf teacher in Costa da Caparica. As a surf teacher I have the opportunity to bring at least a small part of that passion to others. To show you how a sport can influence and change you!

Xenia - Camo Management Portugal

My heart is lost to the ocean. I love to observe the ocean and the waves that it creates. It calms my mind down. I made my first ride in summer 2009 and since then I am fully addicted to surfing. The moment when you take a wave fullfills me with peace and happiness. The next four years I’ve spent almost every summer, autumn or spring at the european coast. In 2012 I realized my dream to surf the east coast of „down under.“ Afterwords I surfed my biggest waves in Indonesia. After that I finally finished my studies now in Berlin I am deeply happy to spend time again at the ocean! I am super excited to be your camp manager and I am looking forward to meet your lovely souls! See you soon!

Lucie - Surf and Yoga Instructor Lanzarote

My surf journey started many years ago in Jersey, Channel Islands were I growed up. I always loved to play and be in the water. I was lucky enough to have an older brother that surfed and he was quite happy to teach me. From the age of 9 surfing was the focus of my life. From a junior to about the age of 22 I competed in many surf contests and european events, this gave me good experience and lots of fun times.

Since age of 16 I have travelled and taught surfing in many countries and since 2007 I’m taking Lanzarote as my home and base for it's beauty and incredible waves!

I have also been very blessed that yoga crossed my path at age of 17. Initially this really helped me as being a surfer on a physical level, with the breath, balance ,strength, focus, flexibility ect, but as life continues and my practice and studies have deepened I can see how yoga and meditation offer help on many different  levels of life.

I'm very greatful that I can share the skills and the fun of surfing along with the benefits of yoga with you.

Natalie - surf and yoga instructor France

I surfed my first wave in Newquay, Cornwall in 2004, something clicked and I decided to pursue my love of surfing more than anything else, travelling to Morocco and Australia and eventually becoming an instructor in 2008.  I continued to surf, coach and travel, finding yoga on this same path and taking my teacher training in India in 2010.  Since then I have been lucky enough to teach surfing and yoga all over the world - New Zealand, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Jersey - as well as being an ambassador for Roxy and joining campaigns for Surfers for Cetaceans and Sea Shepherd.  Now I feel so grateful I followed my heart and my dreams, surfing is so challenging at times, but so rewarding, and I love to be able to share that experience with other women, who are just starting out. I am excited to be spending my first season in France, having surfed here for many years.

Jelana - All around helper

I don't really remember how I got addicted to surfing. I have always loved the beach, the ocean and travelling. Then, one day around 2011, I joined my first surf course. Surfing is part of my life ever since. I use every holiday - long or short - for a trip to enjoy the waves. Because of my constant "search for waves" I went to quite a few corners of Europe and my travel wish list is still long.

I am the helper at WaveSisters and pick you up from the airport, take care of the car and make sure that you have a cosy bed, sand free wetsuits and wax on your surfboards.