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Part 3 The WaveSisters Substainability Series

5 tips for sustainable surfing equipment and recycling of your old surf equipment.

The last part of the WaveSisters sustainability series is dedicated to the sustainable equipment you need for surfing. We don’t make advertisements or recommendations, it’s only suggestions of what you need to consider.

Surfing is not a sport that needs the mega-equipment, but in the course of your surfing life a lot of things accumulate. And as with any other consumer good you should consider if you really need 10 different boards or whether maybe one or three boards will do too. You can minimize your impact with well-considered acquisition and the right handling.

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Part 2 The WaveSisters sustainability series

5 tips for more sustainability during your surfing holiday.

  1. Sustainable travel in the off-season.

You’ve heard it somewhere: travelling in the off-season is more sustainable than travelling when everyone else does. But why is that so?

This is not so much a matter of protecting the climate as of doing a favour to local people. Thus, we act in a socially more sustainable way. For the population in the host country, mass tourism during the peak travel season can be quite exhausting. Full line-ups with Germans, Austrians and English who are not familiar with local customs and surf etiquette put the nerves of the locals to the test. There is more (drinking) water used than the rest of the year, infinite amounts of garbage are produced and the streets are full of rental cars. If you are a tourist without being part of the mass tourism, at least you relieve the destination a little bit.

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Part 1 WaveSisters sustainability series: Surfing greener.

4 tips for environmentally friendly planning of your surfing trip


  1. Make your travel choice a green choice.

On my long-term trips I have met travellers who discover “Europe in 5 days”. It irritated me quite a bit to think that you can discover this tiny but very diverse continent in less than a week. According to this, you could spend less than 2.5 hours in each country on this trip if you did not sleep during your holiday. Anyway – I digress. What I’m trying to say is:

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WaveSisters sustainability series: Green Surfing

Environmental protection and surfing – is that even possible?


Surfers love the sea and everything that comes with it. We love spending time in nature, hanging out in the line-up and feeling the power of the ocean with every set. Therefore, we travel a lot and all around the world. It’s the only way to visit the best spots, get the greatest waves, surf with dolphins and slip into the surf bikini instead of the thick wetsuit. It is obvious that our search for the perfect wave is not the best for our planet.


This is why this blog series of WaveSisters is dedicated to the topic of sustainable surf. Here you get ideas for a more ecological journey and an eco-friendly stay. We also thought about sustainable surfboards, wetsuits, wax and we hope you like our ideas.


The following 4 articles takes a critical look at our (travel)-behaviour and asks the question: What can we actually do for the planet and the oceans if we get so much in return?


Guest author Christina

Christina is 28 years old and originally comes from Austria. She discovered surfing only three years ago during a 7-month trip to South America. Initially rather sceptical and anxious, the allure of the water was enough in October 2019 for her to quit her job as an advertising copywriter in Hamburg and set off for Portugal. Currently she is living at the Costa da Caparica and is looking forward to share her new surfing knowledge, which is just beginning, with the WaveSisters in this blog.

She is always available for text and blog posts.
Just send an email to

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