We offer you surf courses and surfaris for all girls and women who want to experience the passion of surfing.
to share with others. Yoga is also included. Besides learning how to surf, it is the goal of
Wavesisters to offer you a platform to network among each other and thus
to let the female surfer community grow.


Learning to surf among women

Experience has shown that women and girls are in a homogeneous - i.e. in a purely
female group - learn surfing faster and better than in a mixed group,
where boys ride the first waves much faster thanks to their strength.
The physical and mental conditions of the course participants are more similar and it is easier,
to strengthen each other. The self-imposed pressure to perform
is therefore considerably lower and the learning success and thus the fun of surfing even greater.

Founder of Wavesisters, Surf and Yoga Instructor


I had the idea to learn how to surf when I was about 16 years old. I had seen the surfers in the "Eisbach" in Munich. But I didn't know any surfers, didn't know where to turn to in order to learn it. Therefore I first started climbing.

It took 10 years before I drove to the french Atlantic coast and tried to teach myself how to surf - without much success. Anyway, I tried it again and again because for me the ocean and waves meant fun. But only a surf course another three years later brought progress and my first real surf success.

Therefore I know: Every beginning is difficult but it could have been made easier. I have been surfing and doing yoga since 97'. Since 2003, I've lived in Lanzarote spending a lot of summer time in France. Since 2005 I've been working as a surf instructor. I founded WaveSisters in the autumn of 2007.

Camp Managment Lanzarote


Hey I'm Suse! I did travel around the world quit a lot, but November 2015 I decided to move from Cologne to Lanzarote. Because arrived here, I straight felt in love with the mountain range "El Risco", the huge natural beach of Famara and tiny, remote and sandy village of Famara. The atmosphere is fascinating, life very connected to ocean, sand, wind and nature. At the wavesisters camp I 'm your camp manager. I'm not a real surfer yet, but at my old 55 years of age I will start surfing, having this great opportunity now! 🙂

Camp Management + Yoga Teacher Portugal


Bom Dia! I’m Anna! You find me in the little town Costa da Caparica south of Lisbon, right on the edge to the Atlantic. Surf and the ocean is always close here, and the wetsuit never really gets time to dry. I have always loved the sea, growing up in the south of Sweden, but it wasn’t until later in life that I discovered the joy of surfing. In calm waters or rough, it is always a humbling experience, being part of something bigger than yourself. Living in Caparica since 2016, I manage our WaveSisters camp, and also work as a yoga instructor. I would love to show you our little town, with its friendly people and welcoming beaches and waves. And I would love to invite you to become part of our way of life for a little while, living by the tides and surf. And if you are looking to find the perfect cup of coffee, don’t worry, I got you. I can’t wait to show you some portuguese surf life hacks.


When surfing or surfing you experience pure joy! It is a demanding sport, but combines with a relaxed lifestyle. Thus the fun does not come too briefly!...
Surf Instructor Lanzarote


Hi! My name is Aymée. I discovered surfing more than 10 years ago. I quickly started to work every summer at a surf school in France to be closer to the ocean and surf more. I felt in love with this amazing sport more and more. I found teaching is a real accomplishment. I still remember how every step of learning felt and I'm keen to share these with you, make you happy and comfortable in the water 🙂

Surf Instructor Portugal


I’m Heli, an open-minded girl from Finland, who is obsessed with both photography and surfing world. When I’m not giving surfing classes, you can always find me in photography related activities, specifically, capturing some happy faces in the water. I enjoy spending hours of the day at the sea rather than working in an office. I’m dedicated to my career and always strive to impart knowledge on every student seeking an exciting, memorable and successful surfing activity. You won’t only learn the art of riding a wave on a board, you will also be exposed to memorable and unique surfing experience!

All around helper


I don't really remember how I got addicted to surfing. I have always loved the beach, the ocean and travelling. Then, one day around 2011, I joined my first surf course. Surfing is part of my life ever since. I use every holiday - long or short - for a trip to enjoy the waves. Because of my constant "search for waves" I went to quite a few corners of Europe and my travel wish list is still long.

I am the helper at WaveSisters and pick you up from the airport, take care of the car and make sure that you have a cosy bed, sand free wetsuits and wax on your surfboards.