WaveSisters Progression Weeks

our goal

how to take your surfing to the next level

During these weeks you will not only get intermediate or advanced surf lessons with  video analysis sessions, but we will also help you to be more confident in the water, how to read the ocean and guide you to surf bigger and better waves.

This is for you...

..wenn du an deinen Surf-Skills arbeiten willst in den besten Surfregionen der Welt.

…wenn du deine physischen, mentalen und emotionalen Stärken fürs Surfen ausbauen willst.

…You are ready to meet new supportive people and be part of a fun & uplifting community. 

…wenn du dir Skills aneignen willst die dir auch weit vom Meer helfen besser zu werden.

imagine if...


…You can have a day full of surfing, adventure, nourishing food, and fun with a community of like-minded women.

…You explore & expedite your unique path to more fun in and out of the water in an empowering community.

…You could get to that next level in your surfing journey and get more confident in the water.

…You have the opportunity to learn from professional surfers and their experience.