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South-West France

5 or 2 person bungalow directly behind the dune

via Biarritz, Bordeaux, Bayonne or Dax


In the surfing heart of Europe Seignosse offers not only good waves and surf culture but also beautiful pine forests, restaurants with world cuisine, lakes and much more. Here you can really switch off! A typical day in Seignosse? Surf in the morning and spend the day on the kilometer long beach. In the afternoon on one of the countless markets and in the evening immerse yourself in the French world with aperitifs, tapas and concerts. Seignosse exudes this unique cool, relaxed, natural and hip attitude towards life..
In addition to the main sport of surfing, you can book kayak tours, plan bike tours through the extensive pine forests or play golf. If surfing and yoga is enough sport for you and you prefer culture, there are trips to Biarritz, Bordeaux or the Basque Country.


Choose your package



bungalow for 2 +120,00€ p.P.

single room +220,00€ p.P.





bungalow for 2 +120,00€ p.P.

single room +220,00€ p.P.


Located directly behind the dune is the extensive complex with swimming pool, tennis and other sports facilities.
Our bungalows have everything your heart desires: fully equipped kitchen, private bathroom, TV and safe, terrace. The perfect waves are just a few steps away - you just can't get any closer to the sea!


Seignosse ist Teil der world famous surfing beaches around Hossegor and Capreton. The waves of the Landes Atlantique region are considered to be the best beach breaks in Europe. Important tour stops for the Surf World Cup also take place here twice a year.
Waves vary in strength and size, but good conditions can be found all year round. Actually there is always a sandbar with good waves.As everywhere on the French Atlantic coast, you will find different types of waves depending on the tide: fast, slow, steep breaking or long pushing. We choose the best for you!

France is known for its currents - but fear not! With us you will learn everything in theory and how you can even use it optimally. Anyone who learns to surf in France is prepared for any other beach in the world!


Skate workshop

Trying out wave skates, longboards and normal skateboards.

Arts & Crafts

Creative Workshop


Fitness Training
and free use of pool, tennis

horseback riding

4 hours of rding on the beach and in the forest 50,00 €

Extra: Writing meets Surfing

Creative Writing Flow: Surf Empowerment

with Inga Maria Panten

Experience the Power of writing and how it can improve your everyday life and also your surfing. It's not about writing great texts, but much more about the perception of your inner self..

It helps you to reflect, to focus, to motivate, to see things more positively and to get you out of your mental carousel. Learn to consciously direct your attention,so you can achieve your goals more easily - not only when surfing. Because: "Where the focus goes, energy flows".

Words are a way to cultivate, strengthen and stand in our power. There are unexplored forces within us, our full potentialwaiting to be unleashed. It is not just in some of us... it is in all of us.

With the basic package (accommodation, surfing, yoga + food) you'll get during the week practical tools for creative writing:

Intro Workshop
Introduction to journaling + creative flow with different writing techniques and accompanying meditation

Surf Journaling
Use the journaling techniques and consolidate them during the joint sessions. They will give you a routine, support you and prepare you for your time in the water.

Journaling Meet-Ups
Experience a sense of connection, support and belonging. In a gentle way - without judgement or criticism - we share, listen and exchange to share and process our individual and collective experiences.

Journaling Booklet
This is where your thoughts find their place! At the same time it is an impetus to take your learned routine home and continue it.


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