Since  four years we have discovered a even better spot for you and we are at the gates of Lisbon in Costa da Caparica, Portugal. Costa Caparica is located about 10km south of Lisbon on the other side of the Tejo and can be reached in only 20 minutes by car from Lisbon. You are accommodated in our surf house with a big terrace in the center of the village and only 5min walk to the ocean. The beach of the Costa is divided into several sections, almost 30km long, offers a lot of space and different sandbanks and many waves that want to be surfed!



Our surf house has space for up to 9 WaveSisters and you are accommodated in 2 bed rooms or in our 4 bed room. Our accommodation has four bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom, toilet, living room, a huge chill out terrace with barbecue. Everyone will find enough space to feel comfortable and to reflect on their experiences together. You can feed yourself and cook in the well-equipped kitchen.

Next to our house you will find shopping facilities, cafes, restaurants and bars. The local market is a great place to buy fresh local produce. You can take a bus to Lisbon for a stroll or a sightseeing tour. The journey takes only 30 minutes and you're already there! The nature around our surf camp invites you to take a long walk on the beach. And of course - the beaches are perfect for surfing. You can use the internet just around the corner in the cafés.


• Surfcamp for up to 9 WaveSisters, 2 bed rooms or 4 bed rooms
• Shared kitchen, living room, bathroom, big terrace with BBQ
• Surf course
• Yoga
• Single room 100€ on request shortly before arrival

Arrival and departure days are Saturday or Sunday only!

Prices Surfcamp Portugal

We will now start our regular season only on 10 July 2021 and will hopefully be open until 15 October 2021. Arrival in May or June may be possible by arrangement. Just ask!

Arrival and departure days are Saturday or Sunday!

From now on we help you with your CO2c Compensation!! More here!

Surf & Yoga Camp

The following services are included:

Accommodation 7 nights

2/4 bed rooms

Surf course 15h
(practice, theory, material)

Yoga 3 x 60min

double bed room/person: 525€ week
4 bed room /person: 475 € week


Hard Facts – WaveSisters Surfcamp Portugal
  •  15 hours surf course in theory and practice /week
  • Free surfing equipment for the whole week for independent surfing
  • Accommodation in a surf house in 2-bed rooms or 4-bed rooms
  • 3 times 60min Yoga (we have yoga mats for you on site)
  • Place in the Surf- Van (in with which we can take you to other surf spots in the area)

The renewal discount:
If you book a second week, you will get a discount of 20 Euro.

If you visit us again, you pay 30€ less per week when booking a surf camp and 10€ less per week when booking a surfari. Please remember to tell us when you register that you are a "repeater".

Group discount:
From 4 WaveSisters you get a discount of 15% on your booking!!! Simply enter the names of your friends when registering and it will be cheaper.

Only one discount can be claimed at a time!

Portugal is definitely worth a visit. Starting with the capital Lisbon with its rich culture, continuing with the green, romantic and diverse interior and of course with its beautiful beaches on the coast. Our surf camp is located in Costa da Caparica, the longest beach near Lisbon, which flows into an untouched nature reserve at the southern end.

Costa da Caparica is located directly on the other side of the river Tejo, only about 10km as the crow flies south of Lisbon and can be reached in 30min by bus from Lisbon. In spring, summer and autumn the area around Lisbon offers a moderate - warm climate, ideal to enjoy the sun and life. Come along and share with us and other like-minded people the waves, the joys of yoga and a "Galão" café with a Pastel de Natas. Costa da Caparica

Costa da Caparica, or just called Costa by the Portuguese, is now THE Lisbon beach and is slowly but surely outstripping other beaches in the region. A reason for us to move there with you. Whether for surfing, swimming, sunbathing, strolling - everyone is drawn to the Costa. Because it is known for the best weather in the area and first class waves. That's why there are numerous surf contests on the Costa throughout the year. The special flair of the Costa is created by the numerous cafes, bar, restaurants on the approx. 10km long beach are distributed and offer different programs. The beach stretches for 30km to the south and directly into the untouched nature reserve "Arriba Fóssil da Costa da Caparica".

is the city built on seven mountains. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and rich in culture and sights. The oldest part of the city is called "Alfama". It houses, in its small streets and squares, many of the famous "Fado" bars. The "barrio alto" is the center of the young people. It is equipped with interesting shops, restaurants and countless bars. The "barrio baixa" is the actual city center and is perfect for strolling and shopping.
The journey to our surf camp in Costa da Caparica is self organised. From the airport you can drive with the public transport to the Costa da Caparica, it is very easy and doesn't take long. When booking your flight, remember not to arrive too late in Lisbon and not to depart too early. The travel time from the airport to the Costa with public transport takes approx. 1 -1 1/2 hours. An other possibility is to take Taxi (approx 35€) or Uber (approx. 20€). There are many flights from Europe to Lisbon. In the usual search engines you will find various flights e.g. with EasyJet, Ryanair, or TAP Portugal. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you. It s definitely more time taking but perhaps cheaper for you to fly to Porto. From there you take the train from the station "Porto - Campanha" to the train station "Lisbon - Oriente". You can find prices, information at

Airport - Costa Caparica
In a nutshell: From the airport take the red and blue metro to Praça Espanha station. There you will find the bus stop of bus 161 to Costa da Caparica, which leaves every 30 minutes. More precisely: By metro take the red line from the airport to "S.Sebastião" and get off at the last stop: "S.Sebastião". There you take the blue line direction "Colegio Militar /Luz" and get off at the next stop "Praça Espanha". The Metro runs from 6:30 to 1:00. You have to buy an electronic card "viva viagem card" for 0,50€ at the vending machine and recharge it. One way costs about 1,40€. The bus 161 - of the company TST - to Costa Caparica stops at the small place for buses at the metro station and departs every 20-30min. The trip costs 3,25€, in the evening 4.10€ and cannot be paid with the "viva viagem", but has to be paid in the bus. The bus runs from 6h or 7h to 22h. So pay attention to your arrival and departure times when booking your flight!! Another possibility is to take the metro to Cais do Sodré (change in Alameda to green line) and take the boat to Cacilhas. The crossing costs 1,20€ and has to be paid with the "viva viagem card". The line runs from 5.30-1,40h and is therefore a possibility for early morning and late evening. Then it would go with TST bus line 135Rapido (7-20h) or 124 (5.30-1.20h) further to Costa da Caparica.

Costa da Caparica
On the map of the Costa you can see all the bus stops. Get off at the entrance of the village, at the market place. The distance to our surf house is about 1 minutes on foot. We will gladly pick you up from the bus if you wish or if you find your way on your own. You will get the address when you book. Please contact us on our phone number which you will get after your booking, so that we know when you are coming. Thank you!

Rental car
If you are coming to several people or want to be mobile, it is worth renting a car in Lisbon. We will gladly help you to find a rental car. Here you can see the way by car from Lisbon to WaveSisters Surfcamp in Costa da Caparica.
The Lisbon area is known for its perfect and varied waves. Since Costa da Caparica is located directly on two different coastlines, we always find a perfect wave for all wave and wind directions. The beach of Costa Caparica is perfect for learning to surf with its sandy bottom, its vastness and choice. On Wannasurf you can find more information about the spot and the surf forecast on Magicseaweed.

For the advanced surfers among you there are many different waves in the area from Lisbon to Ericeira: Beaches, reefs, pointbreaks can be reached in a maximum of one hour by car. Also the famous beach Supertubos, in Peniche, which forms a perfect tube, is only 1.5 hours away and you can marvel at this spectacular wave - and maybe even surf.

In spring and autumn Portugal offers a moderate climate and empty line-ups due to its southern exposure. It is perfect to spend the best hours with friends. In spring the air is around 25 degrees and the average water temperature is 17 degrees. In autumn the air is cooler with 22 degrees but the water warmer with 18 degrees. Summer is the best time to experience the sun, beach and people in Portugal. The long beach of Costa da Caparica offers a lot of space for relaxed surfing all year round.