Surfing at women and girls surf camp

When you surf you experience pure joy! It is a demanding sport, but combines with a relaxed lifestyle.
Fun doesn't come too short!


Surf lessons


Our mostly female surf teachers are trained in practice and theory, first aid and rescue. They teach you competently their knowledge and are at your side with tips and tricks on the beach and in the water.

Surf comes first! Other activities, like Yoga, are adapted to the waves. We will take you to the beach with the best waves and at the best times for learning. That's why WaveSisters doesn't have fixed surf course times. Through small groups - max. 8 girls per instructor - we can accompany you personally at the beach and in the water. We recommend that you participate for two weeks to learn and internalize surfing.





We also offer the Surfari, which is aimed at water enthusiasts who already have surfing experience and like to be in the company of like-minded girls. You will get a spot introduction, live with us, get surf equipment and can enjoy the Yoga of WaveSisters without taking part in the surf course.

We also have some tips on how you can tune into the water time and prepare your body for the waves.

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Conditions of participation Surf course/Surfari


  • The desire for sea and waves
  • Good swimming skills
  • If you are not of legal age, we require written permission from your parents.
  • If you are younger than 16 years of age, come with an adult companion.
  • Independent surfing with the Surfari




Services surf course


  • 15 hours of lessons among women in theory and practice in english for any surf level
  • 8 students per course
  • Individual and demanding supervision by licensed surf instructors
  • Videoanalysis
  • Surf material during the whole stay



WaveSisters Sufrcamp and Yoga-Retreat

We offer 90min yoga session three times a week. It is included in the surf camp/course package as well as in the surfari. The lessons give a first insight into the yoga practice and are tailored to the demands of surfing.

Almost all professional surfers and more and more leisure surfers realize that yoga and surfing form a perfect unity. The professional surfer Rochelle Ballard said: "In general I find the combination of strength, flexibility and also the effect on the mind super". When surfing, we strain special muscle groups and can loosen and relax them during yoga. Yoga not only helps to be fit, but also to focus the mind. Fears are more easily overcome and you will meet them with peace and strength.

Yoga combines strength, body tension, flexibility, balance, peace, peace and a strong mind. Components we need for surfing.

Our Yoga is mostly included in our prices. Other interested people pay 10€/session.


You want to learn to surf, but don't know where to put your kids? - No problem! With us you can simply bring them with you. We are looking forward to the small and big rascals. Women have children and we adjust to that.


WaveSisters offers the possibility to take care of children from the age of three during the surf lessons. Depending on the weather, wind and solar radiation, children play, tinker, rave or splash around inside or outside during the surf lessons.

The care can also be used by mothers or children who have booked the Surfari.

Surf course for children

For children six years and older and for good swimmers. In the surf course we gently introduce them to the sea and the surfboard or bodyboard. Without performance stress and expectations, the kids should primarily have fun in the water. The whole thing takes place in shallow water, so that the children can stand at any time.

The children (3-15 years) have special prices with us. Just have a look at our prices for Lanzarote and for Portugal!

Safety and regulations for children and teenagers

Instructions of the surf instructors must always be followed. (Non-compliance can lead to exclusion.)

We take responsibility for the learning of the sport, not for the practice of the sport. The responsibility remains with the legal guardian.

Signed written declaration of consent.

The legal guardians keep the duty of supervision during the surf course of the children.

Good swimming ability of the child

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Foreign insurance

We recommend that you take out foreign health insurance and accident insurance for your holiday.