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Experience the powerful yet safe transmission of life-force energy.
The session brings conscious expansion and physical healing.
It‘ll take you back to your center and will let you connect with your true self.

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What is (Kundalini) Energy Activation?

  • Energy Activation is the activation of your vital energy, a transmission to awaken your energetic, emotional and spiritual field.
  • It is also an activation of openness of your consciousness. It is an inner dance where your body, mind and soul are one.
  • It awakens your energy and connects you to your essence.
  • It is the ability to awaken your potential and a wonderful portal of healing.
  • Through the activation of your energy and mobilization in the energy centers, a release and an internal balance occurs.
  • It brings serenity, inner freedom, clarity and presence.
  • It helps you to leave behind your blocks, your fears and everything that ultimately prevents you from evolving.


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