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Energy-Activation is not a replacement for medical or psychological attention, examination, diagnosis, or treatment. Its primary purpose is spiritual growth and deepening consciousness. While many participants have reported physical healing after just one or a few sessions, this outcome is not guaranteed and is not the main goal of Energy-Activation. No claims of healing can be made in connection with Energy-Activation. Whether it’s meditation or a deep nature experience, anything that supports a deeper connection to a person’s true inner being may also energetically support self-healing processes.

Absolutely! Whether you’re experienced or not, approaching an Energy-Activation session with a beginner’s mind is best. Sensitivity to this energy isn’t about experience; Energy-Activation is a transmission, not a practice. All you need to do is relax and keep an open mind.
It’s best to approach each Energy-Activation session with the openness of a beginner’s mind. Sensitivity to these energies has nothing to do with experience or practice but rather with relaxation, letting go, and surrender. It’s not about knowledge but about feeling and allowing things to happen. And regardless of how your first session went, each subsequent session will be different—tailored to what’s right for you in that particular moment.

Energy-Activation truly is a process. This process doesn’t just end after the Energy-Activation session; it actually begins there. So, it’s not primarily about what you might experience during the Energy-Activation session, but rather the long-term changes it might bring to you and your life. After an Energy-Activation session, a variety of experiences may occur, ranging from early to later signs of energy awakening. The transmitted energy carries a spectrum of frequencies beneficial for higher consciousness and spiritual growth. Along this path of spiritual growth and into higher states of consciousness, emotions that you might not have previously allowed yourself to feel could surface. Similarly, someone might briefly experience physical blockages again. The process initiated by Energy-Activation helps you transform energetic blockages and connect with your higher self. The way this process unfolds is entirely unique to each individual.

Energy-Activation is not recommended for those prone to mania, delusion, or psychosis. As this process amplifies your ability to feel, you need to be able to manage the emotional process between sessions. If this becomes too challenging on your own, we advise against continuing with the sessions.
If you’re taking drugs or strong psychotropic medications, it’s important to consult with me before scheduling an Energy-Activation session.
If you have concerns in this regard, I recommend abstaining from Energy-Activation sessions.

 If you are pregnant and beyond five months, I recommend waiting until after childbirth to continue with the transmissions. It is fine as long as you’re feeling well and can engage in activities like gymnastics or yoga without issues. It’s important to inform me before the Energy-Activation session if you are pregnant. In any case, it’s your responsibility as a participant to know your own individual limitations or those recommended by your doctor, and to know which positions to avoid to ensure the well-being of both you and your baby.

Yes. Many participants have found that Energy-Activation helped them manage their anxiety or depression. Some participants have even reported that Energy-Activation has helped them with their anxiety or depression. Just be aware that you may be less sensitive to the energies if you are taking antidepressants.

Wear comfortable clothing in which you can move freely—and preferably in layers so you can adjust as needed. Many find the process relaxing and therefore feel cooler, so you might appreciate having thick socks. It’s good to have water to drink after the Energy-Activation.

It’s best to have a light meal or snack, like fresh fruit or vegetable soup, about 2 hours before the session. Eating heavily right before can be distracting. Also, please arrive 10 – 15 minutes early to settle in comfortably before the session begins.

Unlike some other methods, Energy-Activation doesn’t forcibly activate (Kundalini)-Energy in the root chakra. Energy-Activation is an energy transmission where the energy flows from the upper chakras downward. Only as much energy is released as is right for the individual at that moment, depending on how well someone can let go and surrender to the process. That’s why each session, even with regular participation, is unique. Often, a session can encompass a range of experiences: from emotional pain to profound bliss—and perhaps even insightful or healing realizations. The process is entirely individual for each person.
When reading about (Kundalini) Energy awakening, you often come across reports of physical and psychological issues resulting from the energy rise. These are usually spontaneous awakenings without proper preparation.
Our nervous system is designed to hold energy, and this energy naturally wants to flow freely and unobstructed through the body. Expanding one’s perception is still socially tabooed, yet cultures around the world have used hallucinogenic plants and sacred ceremonies since ancient times to expand their awareness.
Energy-Activation is a purification process. Alongside the pleasant feelings experienced, suppressed and challenging emotions may also surface. However, these don’t necessarily have to be perceived as unpleasant because, unlike spontaneous (Kundalini) Energy awakenings, we prepare for Energy-Activation before the session.
A safe space is created, with a setting that supports you. Your facilitator is trained and can help move the energy if it becomes overwhelming. Just as a woman prepares for labor, preparation for these experiences is crucial. Always trust the voice of your intuition—it will guide you whether Energy-Activation is right for you at that moment or not.

No, during Energy-Activation, you don’t receive energy from the facilitator; instead, your inherent Kundalini energy is activated. It’s your own deep inner process.

If you’ve given your consent at the beginning of the session, the facilitator may occasionally gently touch energy centers or meridian points on the body to support the processes. However, primarily the work is done in the energy field, meaning at a distance from the body.

In essence, Energy-Activation online sessions are similar to the live open classes. Some people feel more comfortable experiencing this in a group setting, while others prefer the comfort of their own homes. Regardless of the setting, the better someone can relax, let go, and allow everything to unfold (which might include laughing, crying, or screaming), the deeper the experience of the process can be. Some may find the online experience a bit less intense, while those with experience in live Energy-Activation sessions often find it easy to engage online as well. Beginners might need a few more online sessions to feel the activation compared to in-person sessions. The advantage of live open classes is the more intensive personal guidance through the process and that the Energy-Activation facilitator doesn’t exclusively work within the aura. For some, the physical experience is important or helpful to initiate deeper processes.

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