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08/09/2022 – 4 min.

Yoga for Surfer
- What's Surf Yoga?

More and more surf yoga offers are coming onto the market, some with very short videos that promise to get you ready for your next surf holiday in no time. Practiced every day and with a lot of discipline you can really get fit, but it is still important to know what it takes for a good surf fitness.

What's surf fitness?

Surfing is a full-body sport. Balance, coordination, stamina, inner peace through calm breathing, body tension, strong upper body muscles - all this is required of you in the sea. And with yoga you can train it all.

Is surf yoga necessary?  
Not really, because certain yoga classes with specific yoga postures are also great preparation for the next surf holiday. Nevertheless, I think the name Surf Yoga helps in the yoga market: the right customers will find an offer that is individually tailored to them.

Yoga, with its many different styles, can quickly become confusing. So of course it's super helpful if I'm looking for surf yoga and the offer says surf yoga.  


How can yoga be used before and after surfing? Which yoga style is suitable?

For your preperation:

You learn balance in standing postures and by holding an asana (yoga pose) for a long time. Therefore, Hatha Yoga, which includes standing postures, is suitable. I can recommend Alignment and Anusara in particular, as the long hold in these styles trains the postural muscles, i.e. the deeper muscles.  

Body tension and strong upper body muscles are best achieved through arm support postures such as the crow or the plank posture, Chaturanga, the cobra and the upward looking dog.  

Coordination and stamina can be trained well in Vinyasa yoga classes, Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Jivamutki or similar flow classes. Here you move in the flow and train your movement muscles. You flow through the postures and also repeat certain exercise sequences, such as the sun or moon salutations (Surya and Chandra Namaskar).

For the preparation as well as the follow-up, I recommend slow yoga, such as yin yoga, but also pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation. With these exercises, you calm your mind, build mental strength and quickly bring yourself back to calmness even in stressful situations in the sea.

Inner peace is extremely important to get in harmony with the sea.

Es bringt daher nichts, vollkommen gestresst ins Wasser zu gehen. In diesem Fall starte lieber mit ein paar Atemübungen, bring dich zur Ruhe und geh dann entspannt und gelassen ins Wasser.

Have fun surfing and if you want to watch one of these short surf yoga videos, try Viktorias here..

Hi, I'm Viktoria!

Yoga teacher + Management Mentor for busy people

Viktoria creates a wonderful combination of yoga and management. Years of experience in yoga and her teaching in management since 2015 makes her a specialist. "I love to live in harmony with nature. I am convinced of the relevance of maintaining health. Also, I like to be by the sea often, as I love surfing!"

Check out her online workshops!

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