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19/06/2022 – 2 min.

Localism II - The good side of localism

Birgit from WaveSisters set me up for something very exciting: If we aren’t treated right by locals we call it localism. If we receive tips on surfing conditions, spots or other useful information, we proudly call it insider knowledge. But even the moments when we learn something from locals are actually localism.

And here are some of the common positive aspects of localism:


Localism is good for a surf spot...

...because rules are more likely to be followed. If you don't keep to the surf etiquette, you will simply be bullied out. In the best case, only those surfers who know the rules remain in the water. Natural selection one could say.

Localism has positive effects on your health...

...because it can keep you safe from dangerous situations and people. Usually the spots with the biggest local crowd are the most controversial, but the safest! The more experienced a surfer is, the better his surfing skills. They manage to do their turns and rides precisely and only collide with you if they want to.

Localism can improve your skills about surfing... they might be right sometimes with their dirty looks. I explain myself: I'm really not a fan of strangers who tell me that my board is too short, who laugh at me because I waxed the wrong way or because my board is rather bad than safely fixed on the board rack. But this uncomfortable situations are the ones which take me further, because this is the time, I find out how to do things in order to avoid laughter or pitiful looks.

Localism can be good for the environment...

if the locals are taking care of nature at their spot! Especially in countries where waste separation and recycling are not priority topics, it is nice when locals look after their beaches. Maybe they take more care in general, use less plastic or even collect some garbage here and there for their love to the ocean.

Localism is good for our self-confidence...

...because we can learn a lot. And not just regarding the rules in the line up. I'm talking about real life skills. For example, you get yourself some self-esteem and assertiveness. You also become more resilient. The more experience you gain, the less you can be influenced by locals. With a big smile on your face you can catch the waves you deserve … those which are technically yours!


In Part 3 you will get some tips on how to deal with Localism. We will have a look at the well-known surfing rules and give you some unwritten tips to share better waves with locals.

I hope you had fun reading this article and I could give you some Ah ha-moments too.

Blog Series about Localism

In this blog article I show you the “Bright Side” of localism. Not because we are hopeless optimists, but becaucse there clearly are positive things to be said and written about!

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